Don’t Just Sit There! Start with your Local Service Marketplace with Thumbtack Clone

Thumbtack is an online platform that matches customers or client who is seeking for services to professionals who are ready to offer these services. Services listed on Thumbtack include event management, lessons of any and every kind, wellness, craft: repair, writing, and translation, photography; business, legal services, design and the web, home services etc. Practically any service that you want to outsource is listed on this site. This service marketplace platform matches customer request with available professionals who are qualified to deliver the services.

The customer provides the information on the kind of services they want, and they are matched with professionals who meet the requirement. The service seeker and the provider agree on terms of service, the payment is made via the platform for the service, the local service provider delivers the service or completes the needed task, the seeker acknowledges completion of task and the service provider receives his or her money for the service completed and the service marketplace website receives a commission for every transaction that is completed.

More and more individuals are seeking the services of professional service providers on service marketplace website like Thumbtack, this means the local service marketplace is expanding as time goes, more services will be rendered or delivered from service marketplace platforms and therefore more prospect for service marketplace websites like a Thumbtack.

This shows a lot of potentials, and enough reason for entrepreneurs and businesses to stop watching, and start their own service marketplace.

Setting up an online platform as complex, robust and easy to use like thumbtack requires a lot of work and will take a lot of time. But thanks to the Thumbtack clone scripts, you do not have to write complex codes to set up your local service marketplace. Start your service marketplace with Click2Done, the best thumbtack clone script.

Thumbtack Clone Script help entrepreneurs and businesses set up their service marketplace in a very short time (takes as short as only a few hours to set up and launch). Coded in PHP, Click2Done is fluent and feature rich service marketplace script for all entrepreneurs intending to tap into the potentials of local service marketplace monetization.

Thumbtack Clone Script

This service marketplace software comes with all the features that your platform will need to be a true replica of Thumbtack service marketplace software. Click2Done is the best service marketplace script to help you build a strong foundation and grow in the competition; helping you handle both service seekers and providers, make running your business very smooth and scaling your platform hassle free.

Click2Done comes packed with features such as an easy login for service seekers and service providers alike; with Facebook, Google, and Google+ login options, easy payment; full PayPal integration. Fluent user-friendly interface to increase user experience and satisfy your users, and full admin control and oversight; so you can control your business and the activities that your system hosts, fully customizable to suit your requirement and local needs.

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